Sticks And Gemstones
Glass Straight Up
Sticks And Stones
5 ' x 18"

Artist Statement

As a glass/mixed media artist, my foremost interest is the exploration of nontraditional and one-of-a-kind materials and the development of the engineering necessary to push the boundaries of their use.

The integrity of fabrication despite my nontraditional techniques is by far the most interesting facet of my work. I am fascinated with the problem solving aspects of those materials within my vision.

Uniqueness of design and the possibilities and challenges of future work as I attempt to develop the next signature technique will hopefully allow my ever changing work to maintain a no holds barred freshness in a medium that normally relies on square or round perimeters.

As can hopefully be seen in the images of my work, past clients have requested a unique look: one different than seen before and one that will become their own. They have come to expect that additional commissions require infusion of new disciplines, resulting in a “fingerprint” as unique as their new endeavors.